Time Personale Ltd policy:


Time Personale Ltd will be a secure, flexible and reliable supplier of temporary workforce for the shipbuilding and construction industry.

This will be achieved through continuously focus on customer requirements and expectations. A close dialogue and cooperation will ensure that at any given time it will be recruited properly and qualified labor.


Time Personale Ltd shall comply with laws, regulations, internal guidelines and business practices. The country's laws and regulations are to be considered as the basis for all our business. Likewise, it is fundamental for us to execute good business practice in accordance with our customers and partners' expectations for us. We shall compete within the same laws, rules and honest principles.


Time Personale Ltd will ensure that employees working for us experience a healthy and safe workplace. We will comply with the HSE rules that apply to where we operate. We shall not pursue activities that put life and health at risk.


Time Personale Ltd perceives corruption as abusing a trusted position to achieve personal or business benefits for themselves or others. The company is against all kinds of corruption. Nobody must for themselves, or for others, receive benefits from the company's relations, if the benefit has its background in the employment relationship. Likewise, nobody will give benefits to our business associates.


Time Personale Ltd's attitude and objective is to focus on gender equality, to ensure equal opportunities and rights for everyone and to prevent discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, origin, descent, color, language, religion and philosophy of life. The company's business focus is recruitment and hire of personnel, and has a special responsibility in matters related to salary, advancement and recruitment.


Time Personale Ltd will treat people fairly and with respect. We shall not act a way that can violate other persons. We expect that our partners, suppliers and customers have the same basic attitude.


Time Personale Ltd shall treat and protect licenses, copyrights and intellectual property of others with due respect. All use of these should be done in accordance with agreements that regulate the use.


Time Personale Ltd is processing the personal information you voluntarily provide when you register with us as a potential employee. We use your personal information to provide the services you've signed up for, and to communicate with you and business relations about these. Personal data is collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and are not being further processed in a matter that is incompatible with those purposes.


Time Personale Ltd encourages notification. Critical conditions should be notified to someone that can do something about it. Critical conditions are for example violations of laws, regulations, internal rules and guidelines. Anyone who acquires knowledge of matters that they believe is in violation of the rules and guidelines that apply to employees in our business, are encouraged to report this. Employees have a duty to notify about criminal matters and about conditions where life and health are at risk